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First Step Is The Two Step

	The lights were hot and the beer was not and the band was playin loud 
	    B                                     E 
	the house was full but her eyes pulled me right across the crowd 
	        A7                             E 
	I said "How's a guy like me, to get to know you?" 
	A7                            B 
	she said "Not so fast, let me show you" 
Chorus:	             E       (S)   F# G  G#  A 
	She said the first step...    is the two-step 
	E                                                    A   A#   B 
	I'm here to dance, nothing more, swing me round that hardwood floor 
	E                           A 
	if you want to run with me, crawl before you walk 
	    E                 B        (S)        E 
	the first step is the two-step then we'll talk 
Solo:	|A   |    |E   |    |A   |   B|E   || 
Verse2:	   B                                E 
	We sang along with every song & the room was spinning round 
	   B                                    E 
	we danced in line she felt so fine & we hardly touched the ground 
	          A7                         E 
	so I said maybe we could make a reservation 
	         A7                           B 
	for some wine with candlelight and conversation 
Outro:       B                                 (S)        E 
	well first things first let's two-step then we'll talk 
	Charted by Rick Schofield ([email protected]) 
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