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Passenger Seat

Intro: G - Em - C - D ( 2x )  
G                             Em                                 
  I look at her and have to smile  
As we go driving for a while  
                        D Triad 
Looking nowhere in the open window of my car  
G                           Em        
 And as we go the traffic lights  
Watch them glimmer in her eyes  
In the darkness of the evening   

G                     Em   
And I've got all that I need  
                 C              D  
Right here in the passenger seat  
G                               Em   
 Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road  
              C                D  
Knowing that she's inches from me 
We stop to get something to drink  
My mind pounds and I can't think  
Scared to death to say i love her  
Then a moon peeks from the clouds  
Hear my heart that beats so loud  
Try to tell her simply   
That REPEAT Chorus  
Oh and REPEAT Chorus  
C      Bm            C       D  G  
Oh and I know that this love grow  
Oh REPEAT Chorus   
And REPEAT Chorus   
And REPEAT Chorus   
G                      Em  
And I've got all that I need  
               C                D  
Right here in the passenger seat .....   
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