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Married with Children ukulele


Album:Definitely Maybe


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Married with Children

D               F#             Bm          G
    There's no need for you to say you're sorry,
             F#  A     D
    goodbye, I'm going home.
             F#              Bm         G
    I don't care no more so don't you worry,
             Bb           A        D
    goodbye, I'm going home.

    G                         D
1.     I hate way that even though you know,
             G                    D
    you're wrong, you say you're right.
G                                  D                
    I hate the books you read and all your friends,
          E                          G
    your music's shine, it keeps me up all night, up all night. + REFR.

   G                               D
2.    I hate the way that you are so sarcastic,
         G                D
    and you're not very bright.
G                                     D
    You think that everything you've done's fantastic,
          E                          G
    your music's shine, it keeps me up all night, up all night.

    D   F#   Bm  G   Bb   A   D     (2x)

Bm                 F#m          G                  D
    And it will be nice to be alone for a week or two,
Bm                  F#m                G                    A
    but I know then I will be right, right back here with you.
          G        F#m       Em         A    A7
    with you, with you, with you, with you. + REFR
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