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Baldurs Gate 3 - Song Of Balduran chords

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Baldurs Gate 3 - Song Of Balduran

This transcription is missing a ton of the nuance going on in the song, but this is the quick and dirty of
what I can make out by ear. There's a couple interlude sections that are not included in this tab, as I'm
not confident in my ability to accurately hear them. Would love to see other's Bardic Inspirations.

Em  D  C  D
Ahhh ahhh ahhh
Em  D  Am B
Ahhh ahhh ahhh

Verse 1
    Em             D
Oh, sing a song of Balduran
    C                D
Who founded Baldur's Gate
  Em          D
Empire golden built on trade
      Am            B
Could not avert his fate

Verse 2
     Em                  D
When three, though dead, assailed his port
     C                    D
Transformed he fell their thrall
   Em                    D
Succumbed as threat from nether years
 Am              B
Arose to conquer all

Verse 3
    Em               D
Now hope is gone, or so it seems
    C               D
But game's not over yet
    Em                   D
New cards are drawn, new hands are played
   Am             B
Newcomers place a bet

Verse 4
  Em               D
A knave, a wizard, devil, gith:
    C              D
The odds are cast anew
    Em                D
And Baldur's fate now turns upon
    Am                 B
The whims of fortune's few (Oooh)

Ahhh ahhh ahhh (Oooh)
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