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Hazbin Hotel - Loser Baby chords

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Hazbin Hotel - Loser Baby

First ever tab so correct me if something is wrong!

Capo 2


D              F#7           Bm7                Am7 D7 GM7
So things look bad, and your back's against the wall
           F#m7                   Em7      GM7 A D
Your whole existence seems fuckin' hopeless
               F#7         Bm7                    Am7 D7 GM7
You're feelin' filthy as a dive bar bathroom stall
               F#m7             Em7    F#sus4 F#7
Can't face the world sober and dopeless
       B         E    A                      D
You've lost your way, you think your life is wrecked
      Em7         F#m7         G    A7
Well, let me just say you're correct

Wait, what?


         D      E7
You're a loser, baby
  G              D
A loser, goddamn baby
A        Bm7              E7
You're a fucked-up little whiny bitch

         G      A         D
You're a loser, just like me

Thanks, asshole
         D            E7
You're a screws-loose boozer
   G             D
An only one-star reviews-er
A        Bm    F#     A       E
You're a power-bottom at rock bottom
G           Asus4 D
But you got company

This supposed to make me feel better?

D           F#7                 Bm           D     GM7
There was a time I thought that no one could relate
                F#m7              Em7    A   D
To the gruesome ways in which I'm damaged
            F#7                Bm                Asus4 D GM7
But lettin' walls down, it can sometimes set you straight!
                 F#m7             Em7      F#sus4
We're all livin' in the same shit sandwich
  B       E         A            D
I sold my soul to a psychopathic freak
      Em7     F#m7       G     E    G
Haha! And you think that makes you unique?

Get outta here, man!

           D       E7
We're both losers, baby
      G            D       A
We're losers, it's okay to be a
Bm        E7
Coked-up, dick-suckin' ho?
G            A       D
Baby, that's fine by me
      D      E7
I'm a loser, honey
  G               D
A schmoozer and a dummy
A      Bm7     F#       A   E
But at least I know I'm not alone
You're a loser
A         D
Just like me

D            D            C D
I got an appetite for gamblin'
D            D            C D                 D             C
I got an appetite for samplin' every drug and sex toy I can find
Go ahead baby, sing that song, come on!
D                   D     C D
I got no holes left to deflower
D                 D       C D
I sold my soul to save my power
Now I'm on that demon's leash
    Em7                 F#m7             G    A7
I'm trapped and it gets worse with every hour

         D      E
You're a loser, baby
  G                     A
A loser, but just maybe if we
Bm7      E                G           D
Eat shit together, things will end up differently
             D              E7
It's time to lose your self-loathin'
G                D            A
Excuse yourself, let hope in, baby
Bm        F#       A       E7
Play your card, be who you are

  G      Dm   A7 D
A loser, just like me
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