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birth of the blue chords

Frank Sinatra

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birth of the blue

A7(V) G#7   G7    C   C/B        Dm7     G7 
They heard the breeze    in the trees 
 G7+      C   E7   F          
Singing wierd melodies 
         D7        G7                 C    G#7  G7 
And they made that   the start of the blues. 
A7(V) G#7 G7   C  Am           Dm7 
And  from  a jail    came the wail 
G7    C    E7       F 
Of a down-hearted frail 
          D7         G7     Dm7    G7     C    Fdim    C 
And they played that    as part of the blues. 
C       C/B     E7   Dm6       E7 
From a whippoorwill, out on a hill, 
Dm6        Bm7/5-  E7   Bm7/5- 
They took a new note, 
 E7                  A7  A7sus4       A7 
Pushed it through a horn  til it was born 
 Am7    D7        G7 
Into a new note. 
A7(V) G#7   G7   C      Am    Dm7    G7 
 And  then they nursed it, rehearsed it, 
G+   C  Bm7/5-  E7   F       
And gave out  the news 
          D7  Dm7   G7                   C    Am   G#7   G7 
That the southland    gave birth to the blues. 
(Repeat Bridge:) 
(Repeat last verse) 
(Last time:) 
 D7    Dm7  G7  G#7 - G7       Gdim          C    Bb7  G#7  C 
 That the southland      gave birth to the blues. 
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