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The Girl From Yesterday

Introdução:  C G C G   D   C D G  
   G                             C  
It wasn't reall sad the way they said good-bye  
   D/F#                         G  
Or maybe it just hurt so bad she couldn't cry  
   G                                         C   
He packed his things, walked out the door and drove away  
    G             D/F#               G   
And she became the girl from yesterday  
He took a plane across the sea   
To some foreign land  
    D/F#                        G   
She stayed at home and tried so hard to understand  
    G                                   C  
How someone who had been so close could be so far away  
    G             D/F#               G  
And she became the girl from yesterday  

She doesn't know what's right  
    C                   G   
She doesn't know what's wrong  
    G              D/F#                 C              G  
She only Knows the pain that comes from waiting for so long  
        C                 G  
And she doesn't count the teardrops  
           C                G  
That she's cried while he's away   
   C        D          C      G  
Because she knows deep in her heart  
       Am              D/F#  
That he'll be back someday  
        A                             D                            
The light's on in the window; she's waiting by the phone  
   E                        A            E  
Talking to a memory that's never coming home  
    A                                D 
She dreams of his returnig and the things that he might say  
             A             E             A   
But she'll always be the girl from yesterday  
                    A           E         A 
Yeah, she'll always be the girl from yesterday.  

Contribuição: Filyp Lima([email protected])  
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