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Somewhere Between ukulele

Dylan Gossett

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Somewhere Between

As recorded by Dyan Gossett
(2024 release)

Verse 1
Em N.C.  Em         D         G
   Metal tracks and westbound trains
Em              D                   G
This cold in my bones is gettin' to my brain
Em                D                G
And I'm a million miles from yesterday
I wake up each morning, each morning's the same
      D                    G
Metal tracks and westbound trains

Verse 2
Em    D               G
 Dandelions and fresh sunflowers
Em                D               G
The moon's coming out, the engine grows louder
Em                         D                             G
And I'm not running from a thing but running towards the plain hard fact that I belong by
Em    D                  G        Em
 Dandelions and fresh sunflowers

C                G                D
 I'm somewhere between Kansas and coal
             Em          D       C
And Colorado snow, don't care anymore
         Em                D
'Long as I'm gettin' where I go
C                 G                   D                            Em D
And I'm from Mississippi where nobody missed me, so I'm travellin' on
C               Em                 D
So tonight I'll call this train my home

Verse 3
Em N.C.       D                      G
Heart made of stone and eyes made of glass
Em                    D                 G
When I'm riding these rails I'm chasing my past
Em               D                    G
And I once had a lover and good God I loved her but she was gone too fast
Em                   D                      G     Em
With a heart made of stone and eyes made of glass

C                G                  D
I'm somewhere between Salt Lake and Red Freights
                Em        D            C
And I hope that soon I'll be done with snowflakes
    Em                   D
I'm still just travelin' on
C                  G                         D                      Em  D
An empty bottle of whiskey cuts through like mesquite, but it keeps me warm
C               Em                D
So tonight I'll call this whiskey home

Em       D                    G                         Em
 Oh, and I like to think that I'm just a travelin' soul
         D                G                               Em
When the music plays, I'd like to have a spot at his show
        D                       G                Em
But for now, I'm sittin' 'tween two tanks of oil
            D                G                            Em
Writin' the song to pass the time, followin' these roads

    D    G      Em
And Lord I know
        D              G    Em
Please don't leave me 'lone
  D    G      Em
I will follow
    D          G
One day I will come home

C                        G
When I finally reach the west coast
                D                         Em    D C
Maybe then I'll just float and stay for a while
      Em                   D
Maybe I'll get back on the line
 C                    G                  D
'Cause for a man like me, I need room to breathe
            Em           D      C
Being on my own is where I feel free
          Em                        D
So I'll decide when I get where I'm goin'
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