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In My Room chords

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In My Room

Notes: 3/4 timing

CM7   Dm7   Am7  Fsus
CM7   Dm7   Am7  Fsus

Verse 1
     CM7          Dm7    Am7   Fsus
They say counting stars
C            Dm        Am           F
You play the part of a soul missing home
     CM7          Dm7     Am7   Fsus
Were you counting stars?
      C               Dm             Am           F
Cause you packed your bags, had your heart set to roam
     CM7          Dm7        Am7   Fsus
When you left for Georgia
          C              Dm
Said your friends didn't want ya
    Am        F
But I swear I do
CM7         Dm7   Am7   Fsus
Say what we are

Verse 2
C            Dm          Am           F
Time's not a problem, do you think we were
CM7       Dm7   Am7   Fsus
Moving to fast?
         C                Dm
Guess we weren't meant to last
        Am           F
I can't move on from that and
  CM7            Dm7    Am7   Fsus
I don't have the words
        C             Dm
So I'll keep counting stars
  Am         F
Inside of my room
  CM7     Dm7    Am7   Fsus
Inside my room

C   Dm   Am   F
C   Dm   Am   F
(In my room)
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