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Shut Up ukulele

Blink 182

Album:Take off Your Pants and Jacket


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Shut Up

Intro: A C#m D (4x) 

Guitar 2: 
     A         C#m        D 

Verse 1: A Shut the fuck up she said C#m D I'm going fucking deaf A You're always too loud C#m D Everything's too loud A Now that all my friends left C#m D This place is fucking dead A I wanna move out C#m When can we move out? D A C#m This shit has got to stop D A C#m D A C#m D I'll run away Verse 2: A Get the fuck up she said C#m D Your life is meaningless A It's going nowhere C#m D You're going nowhere A You're just a fuck up she said C#m D I'll live alone instead A She said: "You don't care" C#m D I know I don't care D A I'll never ask permission from you D A Fuck off I'm not listening to you Bm D I'm not coming home Bm D I'm never going to come back home Verse 3: A I got too fucked up again C#m D And passed out on the plane A Tried to forget you C#m D I can't forget you A No sleep on this flight C#m D I'll think about the nights A We had to get through C#m D How did we get through? (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: E C#m A E C#m A I'll run away E C#m I think it's time A that I should leave E C#m I think it's time A that I should leave E C#m I think it's time A that I should leave E C#m I think it's time A that I should leave Bridge: A C#m D (4x)
Guitar 2:  
             A                   C#m            D 

             A                   C#m            D 

(Repeat Chorus) Outro: A I runaway C#m I think it's time D for me to leave (Repeat 4x) End on A
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