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Album:Out of Exile


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Intro: (A  D) x 4 
A	             D 
Settle down now and sit with me 
A	           D 
Let me tell you how this all came to be 
A	                   D 
A yellow flower with your pedals to the air 
        E	 G	       D	     E 
And flying on paper wings that brought you here 
A	                D 
Summer rolls on in the lazy hours 
A	                D 
An ether dream way of hummingbirds and clouds 
A	                D 
Midnight swims in the cool back waves 
         E	    G	D       E 
And you in my arms as it rolls away 
 D	     E 
Little dandelion 
E	           F# 
Let your heart keep time 
D		E 
Now the clouds are gone 
E	              F# 
All of your tomorrows shine 
E D F# 
Oh oh 
E	D            F# 
All of your tomorrows shine 
E D F# 
Oh oh 
E                  D            F# 
All of your tomorrows shine 
 A		D 
Born of restless night the moon as a pearl 
A	                 D 
Playing games down inside your soft warm world 
A	      D 
Hear my voice I know that you can 
                 E	            G	     D	E 
You?re the fire in my eyes the sun as a man 
A		 D 
Seasons come along and seasons go 
A		      D 
And what they?ll leave behind I don?t pretend to know 
A	    D 
I?m afraid that all I have missed 
        E	  G	     D	E 
Will loom very large when the darkness lifts 
C           G 
I will ride by your side 
       C      G     D 
Wherever you go 
C             G 
I won?t run I won?t hide 
        C       G     D 
Just letting you know 
        C       G     D 
Just letting you know 
Base solo: (C   G   C G D)x4 
Refrão x 1 
E D F# 
Oh oh 
E	D           F# 
All of your tomorrows shine 
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