Nina, Pretty Ballerina chords


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Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Intro chords  C  C#(xx2323)  Dm7(x00211 or x57565)  G7(353433) 
(VERSE 1) (G7)Every (C)day in the morning on her way to the office 
You can see (F)her as she catches a train(C) 
Just a (F)face among a million (C)faces 
Just another woman with no name (G7) 
Not the (C)girl you'd remember but she's still something special 
If you (F)knew her I am sure you'd agree(C) 
'Cause I (F)know she's got a little (C)secret 
Friday evening she(C#)turns out to be (G7) 
(Chorus)  (C)Nina, (C6)pretty ballerina 
Now she is the (G7)queen of the (G9)dancing floor 
This is the moment she's waited for 
Just like Cinder(C)ella(C6) 
(just like Cinderella) 
(C)Nina, (C6)pretty ballerina 
Who would ever (G7)think she could (G9)be this way 
This is the part that she likes to play 
But she knows the fun would go away 
If she would (C)play it(C#) every day  (G7) (G9) (G7) 
(VERSE 2) So she's back every morning to her work at the office 
And another week to live in a dream 
And another row of early mornings 
In an almost never-ending stream 
Doesn't talk very often, kind of shy and uncertain 
Everybody seems to think she's a bore 
But they wouldn't know her little secret 
What her Friday night would have in store 
C6  xx3221 
G9  xx10 9 10 10 or 03x320 
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