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Trisha Yearwood Tabs

Song Title Chords Tabs Bass Drum
A Lover Is Forever 3 chords
Real Live Woman 2 chords
Never Let You Go Again 2 chords
Dont Paint Self Into Corner 2 chords
Hard Promises To Keep 2 chords
Oh Lonesome You 2 chords
The Woman Before Me 3 chords
Walkaway Joe 2 chords
Wrong Side Of Memphis 2 chords
Cowboys Are My Weakness 2 chords
Dreaming Feilds 1 chords
Fools Like Me 2 chords
Georgia Rain 2 chords
Here Comes Temptation 2 chords
How Do I Live 3 chords
Ill Still Love You More 2 chords
Like We Never Had 1 chords
Mr Radio 2 chords
Perfect Love 2 chords
Santa On The Rooftop 1 chords
Shes In Love With The Boy 2 chords
Thats What I Like About You 2 chords
There Goes My Baby 2 chords
Thinkin About You 2 chords
To Make You Feel My Love 2 chords
Xxxs And Ooos 3 chords
You Can Sleep While I Drive 2 chords
7 Year Ache 1 chords
Believe Me Baby 1 chords
Bus To St Cloud 1 chords
Everybody Knows 1 chords
For Reasons Ive Forgotten 1 chords
Georgia Rain Tab Tabs 1 chords
Harmless Heart 1 chords
Hello Im Gone 1 chords
I Cant Understand 1 chords
I Want To Live Again 1 chords
I Would've Loved You Anyway 1 chords
In Anothers Eyes 2 chords
It Wasnt His Child 1 chords
It's Alright 1 chords
Like We Never Had A Broken Heart 1 chords
Melancholy Blue 1 chords
Nearest Distant Shore 1 chords
Never Had A Broken Heart 1 chords
Powerful Thing 1 chords
Second Chance 1 chords
Song Remembers When 1 chords
Take A Wall Through Bethlehem 1 chords
That Ain't The Way I Heard It 1 chords
The Nightingale 1 chords
The Song Remembers When 2 chords
Try Me 1 chords
Try Me Again Tabs 1 chords
Trying To Love You 1 chords
We Never Had A Broken Heart 1 chords
Where Are You Now 1 chords
Wouldve Loved You Anyway 1 chords
You're Where I Belong 1 chords

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